Hi! I'm Priscilla. Welcome to my blog!

I'm of Malaysian-Chinese heritage who now call Perth, Australia home.

This is not a food blog, nor a photography blog, nor a travel blog, nor a papercraft blog, nor a movie review blog, nor any other specific kind of blog. It's a blog about me and my everyday life.

I love food and love taking photos of food, though I am no foodie and no food stylist. I love photography and am constantly looking to improve my art, though I do get bored when someone carries on about achieving the perfect bokeh. I love stampin', cardmaking, scrapbooking and Project Life, and I admit I am a craft-supply-hoarder, but I am no way as creative and dedicated as the crafty people I look up to. I love travelling, but I am not very well-travelled and not very adventurous. I love a good movie, but I don't pretend to be a movie critic.

This blog is about food + photography + travel + papercraft + movies + everyday life = me.